Battle of Words - Party Game App Reviews

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nice, butt...

this game would be cool for parties if there was the option to play it german. Add this feature and you will recieve a 5*-rating! For now it might be a good game for any englishclass I guess.

Awesome game!

My kids and I love this game. You can play with any number of people of any age. My youngest is 10 years old and she really enjoys it. The app is very well made, the graphics are beautiful and it is very easy to navigate. Great work!


Why is the new version incompatible with iPhone 5c?!

Better than the original

I bought the original board game years ago and just played the upgraded portable version a month ago. THIS version removes all the clutter, simplifies the game play and actually saves you a ton of money! Buy now!


Awesome app. Worth $5 easily. Waaay easier to play with friends than the cluttered cards of the board game



itabo rocks

Its a pretty cool app. My daughter and I play often.

I love this app

Buy it! Its awesome

Waste of money

I have played about 4 full games to 50 points. It is already starting to repeat the keywords. This game would be a 4 or 5 star game, but needs about 10,000 keywords to make it worthwhile. For this reason I strongly discourage the purchase of this app.


I played this with friends and I havent laughed so badly since a long time :)

Super fun!

Cool game. I was a bit skeptical but 1 party changed my mind.

I love it !

I have tried many taboo like games but this is absolutely the best. Well designed, and the first where the words actually dont repeat!

Fun Game.

Keep the words coming please.

Well done

It is a real substitute for a board game + more words. ;)

Amazingly fun!!!

The game is number 1 for any party!

Great App

This is certainly the best Taboo game for iPad.

Love it.

I love it. My family loves it and guess what, my friends love it too!

Pretty Good

I downloaded the free version. Tried it with a few friends, bought the full version seconds later. Totally worth the $0.99

Not a bad one...

Im not a fan of such games, but this one was fun for a while. :)

Amazing game!

It is amazing how people can think differently.

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